Thursday, January 31, 2008

AT+T - Rot in Hell - a rant 

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I have had to assure the young man at the local store at several moments during our last few conversations that I was not planning to come to the store on a random shooting spree. I do not believe in random shooting. Actually, I am dead accurate with most weapons I own or have been assigned.

The latest - after all the hell I have been through since the first of November. Just today, January 31st. They finally discovered the damn problem. They (AT&T) sold me the Unity Billing Plan but they (AT&T) do not offer the Unity Billing Plan in our area. That's right. They sold me a billing plan that they do not offer in my area. All of the shit I have put up with for the last 3 months - for nothing. They offered me a plan that they do not have. I have had my business phone number changed. I have had to install new SIM cards in cell phones. I have spent seriously a week on the phone with untold numbers of AT&T representatives. I have been overcharged for 3 months. I have had my phone turned off though I paid the bill. I have heard every excuse. I have encountered technical issues that friends have told me they did not believe could actually happen. And all of that, every last excurciating detail, was for NOTHING.

From the first operator to the young man I just spoke with last, not one of the stupid SOBs realized that they sold me a calling plan that they don't offer where I live.

AT&T - Rot in Hell.



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