Saturday, March 28, 2009

Octuplet Mom Circus 

The latest sad turn in the case is that Suleman has banished Angels in Waiting, saying she was uncomfortable with the nannies, especially after one of them called child protective services about unsafe conditions in the home. Allred has filed a complaint with Los Angeles County authorities, seeking an investigation into whether the 14 children would be endangered if left solely in Nadya's care. And Dr. Phil, sounding slightly embarrassed, says he's withdrawing from the situation.

It is a freaking circus. The article (here) is not about the mother or children but about the media circus surrounding the events.


The only question I have left is:

What the hell was her doctor thinking?

She has no job and plenty of children. Why would her physician even consider performing the procedure?

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Charging a Vet for Medical Care 

Wanna see me shoot randomly in a VA office? Try letting this happen.

My experience with the VA after Desert Storm was horrible. The medical treatment was poor. But to make it worse, you would need to look into the eyes of the staff. They literally don't see you. It would be better if you were a number so they could just count you. But they have to call you by your name (must be on a memo somewhere) and not smile. They don't listen to your questions and they don't give you a moment to ask. They need you to move your butt from their station to the next one. At least until they get their mandated break.

The absolute number of veterans has to be shrinking. Yet, these nimrods still manage to screw up.



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