Thursday, January 24, 2008

Since Fred is no longer running 

I was prepared to vote for Fred Thompson. Now that he has withdrawn from the presidential race, I have been searching for a new candidate to support.

I found one. I hereby declare my intent to vote for Sunny Lucas. I have read her positions and find her to be the best representation of my principles and values in the current list of candidates.

Her platform:
TERRORISM “Kill them all.”
IMMIGRATION “We’ll try to be reasonable but most of you need to get the **** out.”
THE ECONOMY “Flat tax. Capitalism. No hand-outs. Tough ****.”
RELIGION “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”
ABORTION “Mandatory sterilization, just like at the pound.”
GUNS “I don’t give a **** about a militia.”
EDUCATION “You only get a treat if you do the trick properly.”
GAY MARRIAGE “You’re all being silly.”

I may not agree with all of her positions, but her no nonsense attitude with clearly identified goals is a refreshing approach in today's political landscape.

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AT+T - Rot in Hell 

First Post

Second Post

The wife being kind

The wife being very kind

The short version of the latest problem: I paid the bill a few weeks ago in the store. We receive one bill for all our phone service from AT&T. I paid that bill. Unfortunately, AT&T did not credit that payment to all of our service. Just the wireless service. So, we have a large credit for our wireless service. But they turned off our landline without warning yesterday for lack of payment. Julie called and they figured it out. We had paid but the payment was credited by their staff to the wrong account. They cannot internally transfer the funds for 2-3 weeks and our phone (for our business) would remain disconnected. We had to pay the phone bill again over the phone.

AT&T is going to the special Hell. The Hell that is reserved for child molesters and people who talk during movies. I hope they get a spot close to the furnace.



Sunday, January 20, 2008

Identity Politics - Christopher Hitchens 

This post is not directly related to issues concerning families with young children.

I was sent one of the ever present political email messages by a friend. Moments later, I was sent a retraction email with an apology. Apparently, I was supposed to be very afraid of Obama because of his religion. The friend checked Snopes.com and found out that he was not secretly a closet radical Muslim.

There is much to consider this campaign season. Religion, race and gender are out front earlier than I remember in past seasons. But there are some issues that are old but being played in a new way. There are serious amounts of energy being spent on figuring religion, race, and gender out for this political field.

There is a real piece of commentary by Christopher Hitchens on identity politics. He is a journalist that I was first exposed to on Dennis Miller's HBO program several years ago. He drinks probably more than he should, is a self-avowed atheist, and a former socialist. Yet, he writes with a clarity of thought that I find refreshing.

I ask you to read his commentary. The point - Obama and Hillary are both playing the identity card. Obama wants us to ignore his race but also vote for him as the first African-American presidential candidate. Hillary wants us to ignore her gender but also vote for her as the first female presidential candidate. He gives a sound foundation for his opinion and does not slander either candidate with untruths to do so. Read it.

The closer -

Not to dampen any parade, but if one asks if there is a single thing about Mr. Obama's Senate record, or state legislature record, or current program, that could possibly justify his claim to the presidency one gets . . . what? Not much. Similarly lightweight unqualified "white" candidates have overcome this objection, to be sure, but what kind of standard is that?

I shall not vote for Sen. Obama and it will not be because he -- like me and like all of us -- carries African genes. And I shall not be voting for Mrs. Clinton, who has the gall to inform me after a career of overweening entitlement that there is "a double standard" at work for women in politics; and I assure you now that this decision of mine has only to do with the content of her character. We will know that we have put this behind us when -- as with the vowel -- we have outgrown and forgotten the original prejudice.

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