Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is this really maintenance? 

Can you see this?
Can you see this?

I was called to a school to evaluate the repair needs of the school's playgrounds. To be kind, it was more than obvious that no maintenance had been conducted prior to my visit. The gentleman who replinishs sand under the equipment called their attention to the condition of the equipment. They called me. Yes, they knew the playground equipment needed some repair. They just did not know the extent.

I uncovered some installation errors on recent equipment, lack of maintenance on all equipment, damage to some equipment, etc... But no special training is necessary to see the broken picnic table on the playground. It is not nearly broken. It is not a little wobbly. This bench is no more. It is an ex-bench. Remove it immediately.



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Large Outdoor Model Train 

The video of this rather large model train set is cool. It is a set of model trains in Great Britain that are large enough for children to have a ride.

Keith has taken a keen interest in trains lately. His preschool is just opposite a train track and he cannot be pried away from the window when a train whistle blows. We observed him playing with a wooden train set during another child's birthday party. Soooooooooo........ we bought his first train set last week. It is a wooden set similar to Brio and Thomas but much more affordable. We bought it at Target. We also purchased a train table. Many hours of enjoyment so far.

I may purchase more track pieces and sheet of plywood. My idea is that I will glue down the track to another table top. The problem is that Keith is not quite 2 years old. He carries peices of the track all over the house. Also, track peices that are in the middle of the table he can't reach. I plan to glue the track down around the border of the table top. My hope is that he will be able to reach the train from all sides and the track will be intact when he is ready to play.

More later.

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