Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kate Winslet can't identify statutory rape 

Kate Winslet does know what statutory rape is.

I posted something on this issue several years ago when Mary Kay Letourneau was the poster child for statutory rape (pun intended).

Kate Winslet doesn't know the definition of statutory rape because we as a society have waffled on the issue. I agree that prosecuting teenagers for having intercouse with other teenagers is not the right answer. But that is not the issue here. We are seeing more women prosecuted for statutory rape. It is not healthy.

Read what I wrote back then. As much as we can make sly remarks about no boy ever complaining about having sexual intercourse with a lovely older woman, it is still wrong and there is still harm done. The boy will carry his experience into his future relationships. He will have a warped sense of sexual relations. Like many of today's youths turned young adults, after years of chasing empty sexual experiences, he will hopefully waken one day to realize that he has squandered years of his life. Hopefully, at that point he does not have children or a sexually transmitted disease. Do you have a daughter? Do you want her husband/partner/whatever to have been sexually active since he was 12-years-old? Is sexual intercourse part of a healthy, adult, committed relationship? What does it say then that we as a society are willing to allow a 35-year-old woman to have sexual intercourse with a 12-year-old boy as long as no child is conceived, diseases are transmitted, and the boy understands that the relationship is meaningless?

Wake up. But as rational adults, we have to step up and say that adults having sexual relationships with children is ALWAYS WRONG because the best of all likely outcomes is still DAMAGING to the child.

Another example here.

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