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Immunization Causes Insanity in Adults 

Autism Not Caused By MMR Vaccine.


MMR Researcher Faked Data To Get Link Between MMR-Autism.

and therefore...

A Good Synopsis of The Whole Thing.

I absolutely hate the use of children as legal or political pawns. Especially in issues that have such tragic consequences. The MMR-Autism link never existed. The child development community was skeptical when the notion first popped up. We waited on the subject matter experts of various fields to investigate and report back. We reviewed the reports and nodded our heads. Why did this not work?

Insanity. Well, you may not call it insanity. It is sometimes labeled "just being an informed parent". It has a few faces. You might know insanity is about to be revealed by the following phrases: "I just want to be on the safe side", "The government is blocking the research", "As a parent, I may not know medical science but I know what happened to my child", "Regardless of what the so-called experts say, I know in my heart-of-hearts that..." and so on.

The reality - Autism is a spectrum disorder that is most noticed in communication issues. The child simply does not process verbal communication in the normal way. It is a sad condition often called the "lonely disease" of mankind. I truly have sympathy for those families and individuals coping with the disorder. The issue is that the MMR immunization is scheduled about the time that autism symptoms are noticed. At best, it is purely coincidental. There is no link whatsoever between Autism and MMR. The greatest belief was that mercury used as a stabilizer in the vaccines was causing autism. The problem with that is vaccine producers voluntarily removed mercury several years ago yet there was no decrease in the rate of autism. Now, we have a resurgence in measles, mumps, and rubella because hyper-reactive parents are not having their children immunized.

A different example - the wood preservative CCA. Copper-Chromium-Arsenate is a wood preservative that until just a few years ago was used to treat wood for outdoors use. CCA treated wood is still around in untold numbers of decks and playsets across the US. Arsenate is a form of arsenic that is used as a binding agents in industrial purposes.

But then, some paranoid parents read some junk science. A kid somewhere was poisoned by eating dirt under a playset built with CCA treated wood. No, I heard that the child got cancer. No, my brother's-friend's-cousin's-co-worker knows a guy whose best friend goes to church with a family whose child got cancer-mental-retardation-warts-AIDS-blurry-vision-freckles from the exposure. AND IT IS A SILENT EPIDEMIC LURKING IN HOMES AND PLAYGROUNDS ALL ACROSS THE NATION. Why, they even stopped using CCA in Australia and Europe for fears of killing children.

But, I just wonder... If CCA is some harmful... Why aren't the employees of Lowe's and Home Depot just falling over dead?... Why are lumber yard employees not just passing away at work?...

Because (and follow me closely on this point) Arsenate is used as a binding agent in industrial applications. The whole reason to involve arsenic was to bind the copper and chromium to the wood.

But, but, but, ummm... what if the child plays in dirt that has been under the treated wood for years and the arsenic has leached out of the wood into the dirt?? Huh, what then Mr. Science????

Okay, I'll take a trip down Crazy Road with you. Your assumption is that a child is eating enough dirt from under a playset after years of exposure to sun, rain, and wind that has enough Arsenic in it to cause mental retardation-cancer-autism-abnormality-of-some-sort. Really? So why didn't the arsenic just kill the child? It is a poison. Why aren't we reading of the numerous reports of children falling over dead from exposure to CCA treated dirt, wood, or play environments?

Junk science.

I have sympathy for families and individuals who deal with the autism. But not having your child immunized because of junk science is putting us all at risk. And you are an idiot.

Update - The benefit of immunization is not purely individual. Herd immunity occurs at 95% of the population. Meaning that when 95% of the population is immunized against a disease the entire population is immunized. Modern science and common sense have allowed us to discontinue immunization against so many diseases that it staggers the mind. Yet, as we see populations from the Third World becoming more traveled that the rest of the world is coming into contact with long dismissed diseases. Small pox is no longer a standard immunization. In recent years, it has popped back on our radar.

We have to continue with standard immunizations until we can safely dismiss a disease. This modern idiots are putting us all at risk by refusing to have their child vaccinated. When the rate of immunization drops below 95%, the entire population becomes susceptable to the disease. Young children and medically frail individuals are being killed in the US and industrialized countries because of these ... let's see... have I called them "idiots" enough yet.... IDIOTS!!!!!

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