Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day with AT+T 

Please read the other AT&T posts on this site. The history is here:
AT&T sucks

I went in a few weeks ago because my phone was not working correctly. The sales rep at the store could not fix the issue but noticed that I was in uniform and was not currently receiving the military discount. I told her that I did not know about the military discount but assumed because my cellphone is a business line that it would not qualify for a military discount. She assured me that the military discount would apply. I did not have time at the moment (nothing is ever quick at the AT&T store) but that I would return soon to have the military discount applied to my account.

I went in last week. Got an iPhone and asked for the military discount. AT&T still has two of my old phone numbers on the account.

I got a call a few days later. It was the sales rep from the store. She was fairly certain that because our account was a business account we would not receive the military discount. Okay. I assumed it would be so. But why the hell doesn't AT&T train their staff. Hell, I am the customer and I guessed the damn policy. The sales rep didn't have the sense to figure it out. It was the week before Memorial Day. You would think that the supervisors would mention the rules during the weekly updates.

BTW, the software will not allow me to put & in AT&T on the tags or the title.



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