Wednesday, January 30, 2008

AT&T will not stop undermining my sanity 

So, there are numerous post below that provide more detail. The answer was finally uncovered today when I berated a Retail Sales Manager and he did some checking.

They never enrolled us in the Unity Calling Plan. That simple little mistake has cost us about $900 so far. He told me that I had gone over my minutes every month for the last 3 months. I told him that was impossible because the AT&T Unity Plan has unlimited calling to any other AT&T land or cell phone number. To go over our minutes would mean that we called a non-AT&T phone number for 700 minutes a month. AT&T is the only service provider in our business area. Although we do not have a choice but to be AT&T serviced, the upshot is that with the Unity Plan you simply cannot talk over your minutes because everyone has an AT&T phone.

If they accept their mistake, it will mean adjusting my bill from the first of November. As that does not seem likely, my attorney will probably advise me not to post what I plan to do next on this site. Watch the headlines.



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