Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What are my options again? 

Emily and I had a little father/daughter time tonight. We went to Sonic (her choice) and PetSmart (her dog needs another 50lb bag of food). We started the ride by listening to her iPod. We each got one earbud. It was fun listening and commenting on the songs. Some songs were added because I liked the song. Others were added because Aunt Shannon liked the songs. So on and so forth. We stopped listening while we ate dinner in the car. Then, Emily asked a question. "Daddy, if someone breaks into the house would we get a stepmom... very long pause ...... or would we call the police and ask them to find her?"

At least she gave me 2 options. I assured her that we live in a safe neighborhood and that the chances are very slim that anyone would break into our home. Jasper is a Weimerainer. But yes, we would call the police and ask them to find her.

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