Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Motherhood & Military 

Mother of two to be discharged

OH MY GOD !!!!!

How did this make the news? It happens every day in the military. If a service members family situation causes care issues, the service will make every accomodation possible. For those of you reading who have no personal experience with the military, please be assured that all branches of the US military have extensive family support programs. Since the US evolved to the all volunteer force, we developed every conceivable family support program.

#1 I was recalled to active duty for Desert Storm. It was the first activation of Inactive Ready Reservists since WWII. It happened. In a briefing, we were told that the delays we were experiencing in processing were due to the numbers. They expected just less than half of us to answer the call. We showed up at 89%. It is not a hidden part of the enlistment contract. It is explained thoroughly. They take great care to explain the obligation prior to processing you out of the service.

#2 Family Care Plans - My unit is preparing for deployment to Iraq later this year. I have a few soldiers who have to make family care plans. It happens. If a family situation is critical (ill spouse or child), then I know that the MS Army National Guard will find a job for the service member. We will allow them to serve in a position at home station or transfer them to a non-deploying unit. Remember, it cost a great deal to train the men and women in the service. It cost less to retain a service member than to train a new one. If we cannot temporarily deploy a service member, we will make accommodations until we can. We take care of our own. If the situation warrants, we can allow the service member to be discharged. It happens.

#3 Motherhood - To hell with her. I serve proudly with excellent young women. They would never consider using their children as an excuse to not serve or deploy. They have lives and loves and dreams. They have aspirations for career and family. And they are more than capable of balancing the demands of both. In my earlier service, I was not around women. In my more recent service experience, I have had the opportunity to serve with young women training in the US Army Military Police Corps. I could not be more admiring of the dedication to service of these young women. "Her husband travels with his work." So do I. In the last month, my projects have had me between Missouri and Belize. My wife and I work hard to cover the bases. JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER SET OF PARENTS. For a year, I will be away from my children. It hurts. We will work through it. JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER SET OF PARENTS.

#4 Now, enter this lazy, useless, incompetent, dishonest, child-whoring piece-of-filth. She is using her children as an excuse (not a reason) to not serve when her country needs her. There is no other explanation. She pulled a lawyer into her personal drama but otherwise her situation is no different from the many thousands of service members who face family care dilemmas.

I am fighting the urge to use profanity in this post.

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