Thursday, December 27, 2007

Deer & Badger Motors 

My friend, Wes Jaronitzky, did a superb job of fixing our work truck.

Deer-car accidents are covered in a recent story by Hattiesburg American.

A quote Be careful around dusk and dawn, he said, when they're most active. Pay attention to signage, too.

Our accident occured on Interstate 59 headed north at 9am. Early November. Bright day. No sign. Did all that I could to stop but I could not swerve as the truck was loaded. Fortunately, it was loaded with a generator, reciprocating saw, and extension cord. We had to cut the bumper off of the tire.

Again, Wes did a wonderful job fixing the truck. What I liked most about his service was that he gave us an estimate of both the cost and the time. He did the job on time and at his quoted price.

Now, if he would only shoot a deer. And then smoke the meat... Or barbeque it...

Wes' site is here.

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