Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Compassionate Killers and Breakers-of-Things 

Our unit was at Camp McCain recently. We noticed a dog wandering the camp. It looked hungry and most of us took turns slipping it some food and petting it. She was/is just a normal mutt. But one of the young men in unit decided he would take the dog home and care for it. The other young man in the vehicle agreed and allowed the dog to ride back to our home station in their vehicle.

Please remember this photograph when you hear broad slander against our troops. Yes, as General Colin Powell reminded us during the First Gulf War, the US military is the best in the world at killing people and breaking things. But the real mission is to kill some people and break some things. This is a very precise business. We are not asking young men and women to go to the Middle East and shoot at any thing that moves. We are asking them to show restraint under the most trying of circumstances and then with no notice whatsoever - kill people and break things.

The men and women in our military service are as compassionate as all other members of our society. They care about national security. They care about your safety. They care about stray dogs.

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