Sunday, November 11, 2007


Should Segway use be allowed by Disney? You can read a report on a lawsuit filed here.

I declare the lawsuit BS. Disney's point is valid. I just finished a residential installation over several weeks. The family next door had a Segway and I watched their elementary-aged son ride it each day. I have nothing against Segways. I would like to have one for our family to enjoy one day. But I would not like individuals riding around a theme park on them. In that environment, the things are dangerous.

But the use of ADA for this lawsuits makes me angry. Disney has pioneered ADA accommodation in all of its facilities. They have a valid point. Adding Segway traffic to the parks is dangerous. Bringing this lawsuit is frivolous. Individuals with mobility impairments have other options. They do not NEED Segways. They can use wheelchairs or powerchairs.

Does the ADA legislation apply to Disney as a private entity?

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