Monday, April 26, 2004

Open Adoption on TV ... 

This Friday night Barbara Walters will follow the process of an open adoption on her 20/20 news magazine. When I saw the preview, it made my blood boil--Not because it was an open adoption, nor because it was following the process of adoption, BUT because the preview made it sound like a game show--winner take all--which in a sense this one will be. From what I have read about it, the story will follow a 16-year-old's decision making process as she plays god with the hearts of 5 families interested in adopting her child.

This makes me physcially sick. As a developmentalist (a person who studies child & family development) and someone who thinks that adoption should be used more by women who don't want their children, I agree that we should educate people about adoption and the adoption processes. I also believe that news magazines are a useful tool to educate our public about these issues. However this contest/game-show like story, I believe is indecent and inhuman. The writeup on the ABC website explains that the 5 different families had less than 1/2 an hour to "convince" the girl to give them her child. CONVINCE?!!

What's next sanctioning of "babies to the highest bidder"? OR This is BABY JEOPARDY where the winner takes home a new baby. OR Wheel-of-Parenthood, where the best player leaves with an adopted baby. Come on people, this is a life making decision for this child. I know this is a little harsh, but this type of news article makes adoption look like a contestant reality show.

I reserve my right to blog again after the show airs on Friday.

Until later...

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