Friday, November 12, 2004

This article misses the point.

The argument is framed in a manner that supports hiring additional ethnically diverse teachers. Flip the perspective. The education programs I have taught in for the past 5 years have been crammed with "diversity" courses and diversity has been crammed into every other course. A person cannot train to be a teacher in the US without saying diversity 100 times a day.

Why didn't the diversity training work? Why, according to the researchers and advocates, would it be that minorities tend to do better in class and face higher expectations when taught by teachers from their racial or ethnic group?

I say it is the diversity coursework and diversity agenda of modern academics. The universities have not minded their own choice of words and possible implications. In telling undergraduates to be mindful of diversity, they have actually set the stage for failure of minority students by lowering teachers expectations for those students.

Police save a child's life 

This headline seems to not represent the actual story. The police did use a stun gun on a child. But that action saved his life. Why would a reputable news agency use such a baised headline on such a story?

Makes you wonder.

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