Thursday, October 14, 2004

Teaching teachers 

In one of the undergraduate courses I teach at a local community college, I noted that the author of the early childhood education text had stated one education innovator's position accurately. The author then went on to misrepresent the innovator (Froebel) and his work 5 times in the same chapter. The author characterized the position as bad, traditionalist, progressive, or superflous as fit her argument.

I look forward to reading this book on school reform. I hope that the history of school reform is represented accurately.

Thank to Joanne Jacobs for the reference.

Your child's progress report 

I have often been in the position of deciding - does this parent want the truth or something nice???? Fortunately, I have always worked with younger children so there is usually something positive in every child. I can easily see how teachers with older children would want to write this progress report.

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