Thursday, July 01, 2004

Teenagers treated like infants 

I have great respect for Glenn Reynolds (more famously known as Instapundit). He teaches in the Law School here at the University of Tennessee.

His column on teen sexual activity is right on the mark. We cannot continue to treat older children as infants. I am not as concerned with issues of sexual activity as I am the whole issue of childhood and adolescence. Many of my undergraduate students are shocked when I cover the history of love as a basis for marriage (it was invented in the 1950's). Suddenly, they begin to realize the huge difference between the generations. They understand why their grandparents were married and had kids at their age.

I would like to make major adjustments to education in the US. As I have posted earlier, I think trade schools are undervalued and under-utilized. I think we ask kids today to waste the precious years of their lives waiting for education to happen.

Read the whole article and suspend your judgment. When you get to the end, ask yourself if changes in education and parental treatment of children would be far more effective in curbing teen sexual activity.

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