Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Children in public places 

You should read this article by Martin Booe.

I posted earlier that I had the opposite experience. (Read Toddlers and Flying).

But, I was at a funeral last week with a toddler two pews back over my left shoulder. There was a nursery for all children offered. Yet, this mother kept her unruly child with her during the service. Why bring a 3-year-old to a funeral?

There are two lines of thought I would like bring up. I will post more on both later.

#1 If dining out involves a waiter at your table, you are not in a restaurant intended for young children. GO HOME. The issue is that young children are asked to attend social functions that are intended as adult programs. You would not take your elderly relatives to see a G movie. They would balk at the idea. Do NOT take your young child to an event that he/she is too young to appreciate.

My wife and I have left numerous restaurants with our daughter. We misjudged our daughters level of energy, mood, or patience. Rather than suffer through the meal, impose on the other restaurant patrons, and ask our daughter to perform a task she is incapable of, we simply left. If food had been ordered, one of us waited on the boxed meals while the other took our daughter outside. GO HOME.

#2 Discipline and guidance of your young child is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. If you are not around, unavailable, or inattentive, do not become alarmed when others step up to the task. If you do not like the adults methods, then attend to your child. Or GO HOME.

More later.

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