Saturday, July 04, 2009

Mother of the Year - Not Really 

Okay, so THIS is a disturbing story.

I don't know what my reaction will be when my daughter has an argument at school. I seriously doubt that I will place an online ad that suggests the other girl is a prostitute. The only redeeming comparison I can make is that at least she did not attempt to hire a hitman to kill the other girl when her daughter did not make the cheerleading team. When Wanda Holloway is the only person who makes you look balanced, you are a sick person.



Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday - Emily 

Wow! Has it really been 7 years.



Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day with AT+T 

Please read the other AT&T posts on this site. The history is here:
AT&T sucks

I went in a few weeks ago because my phone was not working correctly. The sales rep at the store could not fix the issue but noticed that I was in uniform and was not currently receiving the military discount. I told her that I did not know about the military discount but assumed because my cellphone is a business line that it would not qualify for a military discount. She assured me that the military discount would apply. I did not have time at the moment (nothing is ever quick at the AT&T store) but that I would return soon to have the military discount applied to my account.

I went in last week. Got an iPhone and asked for the military discount. AT&T still has two of my old phone numbers on the account.

I got a call a few days later. It was the sales rep from the store. She was fairly certain that because our account was a business account we would not receive the military discount. Okay. I assumed it would be so. But why the hell doesn't AT&T train their staff. Hell, I am the customer and I guessed the damn policy. The sales rep didn't have the sense to figure it out. It was the week before Memorial Day. You would think that the supervisors would mention the rules during the weekly updates.

BTW, the software will not allow me to put & in AT&T on the tags or the title.



Monday, April 13, 2009

Every boy needs a dog 

The neighbors' bulldog stopped by for a visit. Fairly soon, someone will most likely pick out a dog of his own.

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Then and Now 

About 5 years between photographs. We got a different white Ford pickup to clean.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Octuplet Mom Circus 

The latest sad turn in the case is that Suleman has banished Angels in Waiting, saying she was uncomfortable with the nannies, especially after one of them called child protective services about unsafe conditions in the home. Allred has filed a complaint with Los Angeles County authorities, seeking an investigation into whether the 14 children would be endangered if left solely in Nadya's care. And Dr. Phil, sounding slightly embarrassed, says he's withdrawing from the situation.

It is a freaking circus. The article (here) is not about the mother or children but about the media circus surrounding the events.


The only question I have left is:

What the hell was her doctor thinking?

She has no job and plenty of children. Why would her physician even consider performing the procedure?

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Charging a Vet for Medical Care 

Wanna see me shoot randomly in a VA office? Try letting this happen.

My experience with the VA after Desert Storm was horrible. The medical treatment was poor. But to make it worse, you would need to look into the eyes of the staff. They literally don't see you. It would be better if you were a number so they could just count you. But they have to call you by your name (must be on a memo somewhere) and not smile. They don't listen to your questions and they don't give you a moment to ask. They need you to move your butt from their station to the next one. At least until they get their mandated break.

The absolute number of veterans has to be shrinking. Yet, these nimrods still manage to screw up.



Friday, March 13, 2009

Family Beds 

In response to this post from:

I submit the following photographs as rebuttal:


Thursday, March 05, 2009

I use my tools for good, not evil 

I am willing to bet that Stanley Tools is not aware of the nefarious uses of their tools. I actually have a very similar saw to the one in the photo and I almost bought that exact model a few weeks ago. I have a very capable assistant and he can do just about everything I can. An additional saw would allow him to make some delicate cuts that we do not use power tools to make.

Now, I never realized that my tools could be used for other purposes. The playground business is suffering just like the rest of the economy. But, do I really want to start a sideline business in that......????????

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